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Source: If you have combo hair, two products are definitely better than one. Here, peace is achieved with a greasesopping mask for roots and a repairing mask for ends.



Fine-haired ladies, this goes out to you. Seems counterintuitive, but women with thinner strands tend to have more hairs on their head, and the more hairs, the more oil glands. To cope, grease sufferers reach for clarifying and volumizing shampoos—but the potent detergents that many contain can seriously dry out tips. “Ends are the oldest part of your hair and have been exposed to heat and stressors longest, making them extremely vulnerable,” explains New York City dermatologist Dendy Engelman, M.D. “That extra oil you’re wiping away is necessary at the bottom to compensate for the damage you’ve done over time.”


Treat Before You ’Poo

Shampoo, ahem! New-invention alert: A pre-shampoo mask with kaolin clay absorbs scalp oils, and its viscous consistency won’t drip down and dehydrate ends. Try L’Oréal Paris Hair Expert Extraordinary Clay Pre-Shampoo Mask ($7, at drugstores). Apply it once a week to dry roots for five minutes and rinse with a gentle surfactant shampoo; we like Kiehl’s Amino Acid Shampoo ($19, ).

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