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Lunch at my desk has always presented something of a conflict for visitors: You might score a free beauty product or two (I’ve been a beauty editor for most of my career), but the taste of your salad or sandwich might be sent in an odd direction by the billion or so fragrances in various stages of consideration around my office. Lunch at the desk of my current boss, beauty-wellness-lifestyle guru Gwyneth Paltrow, is, today, much in that vein: We’re surrounded by sample bottles, all candidates for Goop’s next “clean” perfume. Every one of the possibilities is free of the toxins common in conventional fragrances, but jam-packed with incredible-smelling plant essences. Gwyneth’s been spraying her favorites on the wrists of fellow Goop-ers (there are 72 of us) all morning, gauging reactions, considering and reconsidering. Her office, accordingly, is a cloud of earthy-spicy-fresh-woodsy scent. “I’m

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