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Chris (in-car Ai)
£299.99 Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant may have taken over our homes, but there’s still one area where voice assistants are lagging behind: our cars. We find this strange, because it’s also where voice control would be most useful, as
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Product 01: swann Wire-free
Outwardly there’s no difference between the 1080p model of the Swann Smart Security Camera and its 720p predecessor. Both use the same compact casing, both use the same mount – and that latter feature is a shame. In theory the rubberised magnetic dis
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Huawei MateBook X Pro
€1,999 (approx. £1,730) If there’s a single product that really relegates Huawei’s reputation as a maker of budget gadgets to the past, it’s this laptop, even more so than its very fine phones. From the moment you open it, the fit