How Is Bullying Linked To Violence In Society?

In the first part of a weeklong series, we speak with two professors to look at whether bullying is connected to other kinds of violence.

In the first part of a weeklong series about bullyingHere & Now‘s Jeremy Hobson speaks with Dorothy Espelage (@DrDotEspelage), professor of psychology at the University of Florida, and Nadine Connell (@nmconnell), director of the Center for Crime and Justice Studies at the University of Texas at Dallas, to look at whether bullying is connected to other kinds of violence.

“It really is this continuum of perpetration,” Espelage says of bullies. “It’s not just that bullying is a cause for concern. It’s the type of aggression that follows.”

“We’re not just talking about, ‘It all goes away after a school age,

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