Build a complete backup system

atastrophic hard drive failures are exceedingly rare. However, bad sectors and read/write errors are surprisingly common. Most of the time, the error checking algorithms built into macOS will spot such glitches and compensate for them in the background without you evencurve ball, such as a power spike, a physical jolt, or fire or flood… The bottom line is, data loss or corruption is bound to happen sometime.

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Spectre Camera
$2.99 From Chroma Noir, Made for iPhone Needs iOS 11 or later (iOS 12 for some features) Of the iPhone’s numerous indisputable talents, slow–shutter photography is not one of them. In the quest to make its own–brand camera app easy to
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Why Are My File Icons Incorrect?
First, check the type is recognized correctly, as shown at the top of Finder’s Info dialog (select a file and choose File > Get Info). If its name lacks an extension, or the one shown is definitely wrong, fix it by setting the correct extension. macO
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What The Heck?
Research into depth sensing (also known as range imaging) by Apple and others has three prongs: engineering new sensors that can measure the distance to points in a scene; leveraging multi–purpose camera technologies to approximate similar results; a