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The Most Scandal-ous Moments

Pour one out for the Gladiators! As the ABC hit careens toward its April 19 series finale, the cast of the Shonda Rhimes drama open up about saying goodbye—and share their favorite episodes from the past seven seasons.
SCOTT’S PICK Kerry Washington and Scott Foley

IN THE WEE HOURS OF A RECENT MARCH MORNING, THE CAST OF SCANDAL gathered to say goodbye. “For our very final shot, we had every single cast member come back to set, except for Scott Foley, who was shooting in Europe and had to call in on FaceTime,” star Kerry Washington says of the climax of the ABC political-fixer drama’s 124th episode. “Even my parents were there until three in the morning.”

Many cast members looked at the entire seventh season as one long goodbye. So much so that Joshua Malina tried to put a moratorium on sentimentality. “I tend to keep it pretty buttoned-up, and I would say, ‘We can’t celebrate every last,’ ” explains the actor, who plays Attorney General David Rosen. Though, he admits, that all changed on wrap day. “That was a very special moment that I’ll always remember,” Malina says of their final day of shooting, which took place inside QPA (previously OPA). “It wasn’t supposed to be emotional,” adds Guillermo Diaz, who plays Huck. “But we all couldn’t stop crying.”

No one is revealing what happens in the final moments of the series—though Washington teases that “the imagery of it leaves you with a lot of

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