Opinion: On drug pricing, Trump could rely on bluster and bad ideas. But there’s a better alternative

In Trump's upcoming drug prices speech, will he regurgitate past sound bites or present constructive policy ideas?
Source: Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP

As President Trump prepares to give a speech next week to address the issue of prescription drug prices, we wonder if we will witness the Trump of the presidential campaign, who slams the pharmaceutical industry for “getting away with murder” or a more measured, constructive Trump who recognizes the industry’s vital role in biomedical innovation and homes in on the role of payers and other middlemen?

The president, as we have all come to know, appears to devote far more attention to the politics of public policy than to the underlying policy itself. Indeed, he has tossed aside the script of formal speeches because the wonkish details offered by his aides were “a little boring.”

Although this is a disconcerting

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