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Erika Halweil

The style at that time, in the early to mid-90s, was a vigorous, breath-oriented form of vinyasa. Most classes varied in their approach and offered a wide range of asana. You never knew what was coming. I had a teacher back then who told me

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Improving Breath In Your Practice
WE PRACTICE YOGA to feel connected in mind and body. But what is the cornerstone of that connection? It’s the breath that unites our physical postures with our emotional mind. An ancient yoga textbook, the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, offers this simple exp
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Respect Your Curves
High school gym class is a vague memory. I do remember my classmates and I often being asked to stand close to a wall, turn around, and then try to flatten our lower backs against it. We all stood around the gym, dutifully pushing our lower backs aga
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Inside the Meditation Technique Some Call A “Brain Orgasm”
“OK, I have to give you a shot, but it’ll only hurt for a second,” my little sister says to me as I lie completely still on her bed. We’re 4 and 6 years old, and playing “doctor” is one of our favorite games. In a few months she’ll become obsessed wi