History of War


Author: Bernard Wilkin and René Wilkin Publisher: Pen & Sword Military Price: £19.99 Released: Out now

The experience of the common soldier has been of particular interest to historians since the ‘new military history’ movement of the 1970s. Previously, history had focused mainly on the generals and other high-ranking officers, while

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History of War6 min read
United Kingdom
A pioneer in the development of the tank and its deployment to the battlefield, the British endorsed the earliest armoured fighting vehicles that were tested and entered production during the World War I era. Along with that commitment, a doctrine re
History of War6 min read
6 June Armour
On 6 June, and during the days afterwards, two armies grappled with all their might, including armoured vehicles. Both sides were using odd-looking tanks. The allies had modified their front line tanks to ensure success and even the odds, while the G
History of War3 min read
Where Were The Us Tanks?
Germany First! This was the strategy agreed between Great Britain and the United States during the Second World War. Ever since Dunkirk the British had been aiming at getting back to the continent by one means or another. This idea was well understoo