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Trump’s ‘diplomatic vandalism’ on the Iran nuclear deal, Trump’s nuclear deal move hurts America’s reputation, Putin’s pushy foreign policy may not be strategically beneficial, Why Elon Musk blew up at an analyst, Timely theme for World Press Freedom Day

The Guardian / London Trump’s decision on the Iran nuclear deal is ‘diplomatic vandalism’

“Donald Trump’s torpedoing of the Iran nuclear deal on highly specious and misleading grounds is an act of wanton diplomatic vandalism fraught with dangers...,” writes Simon Tisdall. “Many in Tehran will see the sweeping reimposition of US sanctions as a declaration of war.... This aggressive bid to further isolate Iran appears

Tehran Times / Tehran, IranTrump’s attack on the nuclear deal has hurt America’s reputationThe Hindu / Chennai, IndiaPutin’s pushy foreign policy may not be strategically beneficialSouth China Morning Post / Hong KongWhy Elon Musk blew up at an analystThe East African / Nairobi, KenyaA timely tag line for World Press Freedom Day

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