Tricot Splatters Paint Onto Brightly-Colored 'Potage'

The Japanese band's brilliantly colored math-rock is meticulously painted in a video by director Yasuyuki Yamaguchi.
A still from Tricot's "potage" video. Source: YouTube

How do I get Ikkyu Nakajima's pink denim jacket? Its yellow, green and orange splatter seemingly saunters out of a painting into this video directed by Yasuyuki Yamaguchi, who has worked with a wide array of Japanese artists like Lili Limit, Shintaro Sakamoto and Dir en Grey. The meticulously painted set — complete with shadows and amps brushed into the background — picks up on the Kyoto band's brilliantly colored math-rock, its hooks popping into view like neon splashes against a canvas.

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