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David Jack

Cofounder, Activlab, Phoenix

Tap into big emotion

Dedicate your workout to an intention greater than yourself that moves you—a sick parent or a cause you believe in,

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IT’S A WEIRD TIME for sex. Multiple studies say whole generations are having less of it. Or, apparently, everyone’s having it but you! Or everyone’s just watching so much porn on their phones that no one even cares about having partnered sex anymore.
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THE HUMAN HEART beats like a metronome, right? All evenly spaced thumps and regular rhythms? Wrong. When you’re at your healthiest, your heart is actually more like your six-Scotches-deep uncle whaling on the family drum set: The…beats…are spaced… …
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“I GREW UP on a ranch in central Nebraska. Certain times, like in the spring and fall, you’re never done working. You might get one hour of sleep. You get up early, get your day started, and you go to work. Moving big feed bags, fencing, all that. Li