5 “Strong Buy” Biotech Stocks to Buy Now

Biotech stocks often present intriguing, and potentially very lucrative, investment opportunities. Share prices can explode on positive trial results or key regulatory approvals.

However, buyers beware: These rewards can disappear just as quickly if critical data disappoints. This is especially the case for biotechnology companies with few or no marketable drugs (and thus they are generating low or even no revenues), especially if their drugs still are in the early stages of development. To minimize this risk, it's best to search for stocks with a high degree of confidence from Wall Street's top analysts.

Five compelling biotech stocks stand out as intriguing investing opportunities right now.

We used TipRanks' to filter for the best-rated biotechnology stocks over the past few weeks, regardless of market capitalization. All five stocks share a bullish "Strong Buy" analyst consensus rating. And while all five picks have soared over

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