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365 project Part 1: Phone photography

OVER the next six issues, I’ll look at the process of undertaking a ‘365’ project (taking a daily photo for one year) – from planning and execution to all the tips and tricks you need for editing and sharing your work.

If I’ve learned one thing from doing a 365 project, it is

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Butterfly Blues
When the suggestion of photographing butterflies first thing in the morning, close to the longest day of the year, was first mentioned, I knew that it would be an early start! After a rather shocking 3.30am wake-up call to meet macro and landscape ph
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Go Pop!
10 things you can shoot this month, from neon-lit portraits to getting close up with birds In this project, I’m going to show you how to capture a water balloon bursting. The main items you need are some balloons, food colouring, a needle, a tripod,
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Embrace Moodiness In Your Shots
One of the great things about photography is that it can make the monotonous, the mundane and even the miserable look amazing, and the weather is certainly no exception. While on a personal level we all love bright sunny days that are perfect for a d