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Big Brother

By Louis Quail, Dewi Lewis, £35, 196 pages, hardback, ISBN 978-1-911306-31-3

Of all the recent conversations that have opened up across society, one of the most prevalent and far-reachingengage in dialogues revolving around their own personal struggles with depression, anxiety and otherwise. In this new book published by Dewi Lewis, photographer Louis Quail presents his own take on the issue as he presents the story of his brother Justin, an individual living with the spectre of schizophrenia, a condition that has seen him sectioned on three separate occasions. What's especially interesting about this book is the lack of distance. Louis gives us an intimate insight into the life of his brother, and the book also includes texts by Justin himself. is an important book that works to destigmatise such a misunderstood illness, and is well worth your time. ★★★★

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