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By Claire Takacs, Hardie Grant Books, £35, 304 pages, hardback, ISBN 978-1-743-793527

It's been 10 years since Australian photographer Claire Takacs won the overall International Garden Photographer of the Yearhas grown exponentially since. Claire divides her time between Australia, Europe and the USA, and this glorious celebration of her work is suitably diverse as a result. It opens with a portfolio of Cloudehill in Olinda, Australia, the first garden she ever photographed. From the outset it's clear that light plays a major part in Claire's work, and the way she uses it to highlight colour and design elements is wonderful to observe. There are plenty of UK gardens on show, including Great Dixter in Sussex (above) and Hopetoun House on the outskirts of Edinburgh. will delight both photographers and gardeners alike. ★★★★★

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