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Viewpoint Tracy Calder

Mindfulness is the art of paying attention. It sounds simple, but the reality is quite different. Let's take reading this week's issue of AP, for example. Having secured your copy from a newsagent, supermarket, dog's jaws – you sit down for a quiet read when numerous thoughts

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Michael Kenna A 45-year retrospective
The minimalist, black & white, long-exposure genre has been around for so many years now, it's hard to remember a time when it was original. A time before the ubiquitous long-exposure filter became an almost essential fixture in the landscape photogr
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Take The High Road
Some 350 years ago, the first young men of the British upper classes – accompanied by chaperones – made their way across their home continent on a trip that was designed to improve and educate them, particularly in their appreciation of the arts. Typ
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How To Filter Multiple Layers
THE CAMERA Raw Filter is not restricted to single layers. You can apply the Camera Raw filter to as many layers as you like. To do this they must first be grouped together within a Smart Object/ Smart Filter. In the example shown here, I grouped toge