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What to make of Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un’s summit. Plus why police officers need autism training, a groundbreaking female character, and more.
Source: Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

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Singapore Summit: President Trump met Kim Jong Un in Singapore for the first-ever summit between the U.S. and North Korean heads of state. The meeting overturned America’s previous negotiation process in a way that some experts say befits a new nuclear era. Yet while Trump made several rhetorical concessions, he exacted few new promises from Kim. For his part, the North Korean leader got a boost to his international image—not only through the legitimizing fact of the summit, but also from Trump’s effusive praise.

Because many police officers don’t receive training—and initiate encounters that can quickly escalate. Mental health is also a serious problem within the U.S. prison system, where hundreds of thousands of mentally ill inmates are incarcerated rather than receiving help from other institutions. A reporter who is himself a prisoner provides

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