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other combatant nation employed bicycles and motorcycles on such a large scale as the Third Reich. As part of Germany’s arsenal, motorcycles and bicycles served a variety of functions – couriers, reconnaissance, medical evacuation, for delivering hot meals to the front line, as assault shock troops, and even as tank destroyers. As Germany’s military planned to spread the Nazi domain by fire and steel, numerous bicycle brands and over 300 different makes of motorcycles were already in production, yet only a select few were chosen by the Wehrmacht in its war of conquest. Among those motorcycles were the vaunted BMW and the

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Pegasus Bridge
The British 6th Airborne Division had the job of securing and holding the British left flank. To accomplish this, they were to be dropped by parachute and glider to the northeast of Caen. Their target was the wooded ridge in the Bois de Bavent area,
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The Black Prince Chivalrous Hero Or Embodiment Of “Ultraviolence”?
The camera sweeps across the chaos of battle. Volleys of arrows are unloosed. Horses roll on the ground in agony. Newsreel type headings flash across the screen. This is “the war of the century”, and “God is on our side”. We are transported back to 1
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The Decisive Battle That Shaped World War Two In Europe
Author: John Prados Publisher: Amberley Price: £14.99 The story of D-Day has been told and re-told many times, so much so that many of its details are familiar to even casual military history enthusiasts. The campaign that followed is less well-cover