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Megan Abbott’s Bloodthirsty Murderesses

The thriller writer probes the psychological underpinnings of female rage.

GIVE ME YOUR HAND will be published July 17 by Little, Brown.

IT’S A HOT, still afternoon in early summer, and the writer Megan Abbott is giving me a crime tour of Forest Hills, her leafy Queens neighborhood, famous for more than just its historic tennis stadium and faux-Tudor houses. There’s the playground (“My friend takes her kids there”) where, 11 years ago, a Bukharan Jewish orthodontist was shot to death while dropping off his 4-year-old daughter—apparently by a hit man hired by his estranged wife. (The trial was the subject of an article by the critic Janet Malcolm, published later as Iphigenia in Forest Hills.) There’s the residence of the “cannibal cop,” a New York City policeman convicted of plotting to kidnap, murder, and cook women, including his estranged wife. Abbott

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