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$12 per year From Bookmark OS,

Needs Web browser

When it comes to organizing browser bookmarks, there are no shortage of options on macOS. Bookmark

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Agenda 5.0
Free (IAPs) From Momenta BV, Made for iPhone, iPad Needs iOS 11.0 or later Agenda takes the familiar notes–style app and thinks a little differently: instead of a purely task–based approach it also takes a date–based approach, so in additi
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Organize And Find Your Photos
AFTER SNAPPING AND editing many pics, your Photos library will become full of images. So how do you track down the one you want if you can’t recall even roughly when it was taken? Fortunately, you don’t need to rely on such details to find your favor
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Fix Photos With Apple’s Editing Tools
YOUR iPHONE (or digital camera in Auto mode) will try to capture an image that’s correctly exposed and focused on the main subject. It’ll also try to balance colors so they’re not too cold or too warm. But certain scenarios can lead to areas that are