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Siri On Your Wrist
THERE ARE MORE than a few of us who grew up wishing we had a James Bond–style spy watch. While we’re not quite at that stage yet, using Siri on your Apple Watch can get you pretty close. You won’t be saving the world with Siri, but you’ll be the most
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6 Acquisitions That Changed Apple
After trying for years to write its own next–generation operating system, Apple, headed by suit–loving chip expert Gil Amelio, gave up in 1996 and bought Steve Jobs’ for $400m. It turned out pretty well. Developed by a San Jose startup that combined
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The Shift
WHEN THE QUESTION of whether Apple is still as innovative as it’s been in the past comes up, I’m happy to point to the Watch as a positive answer. It’s no surprise there are diminishing returns for notebooks and phones after a certain amount of time,