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Secure Your Home Wi–Fi
REQUIRES Your Wi–Fi router’s user guide and admin account credentials YOU WILL LEARN Tips for tightening security and doing more with your router IT WILL TAKE 30 minutes NOWADAYS, JUST ABOUT everyone has a broadband connection, and in a residential s
MacLife3 min read
Create Striking Silhouettes
REQUIRES Affinity Photo YOU WILL LEARN How to create pure black silhouettes without losing detail in highlight areas IT WILL TAKE 15 minutes WHEN THE SUN is low it can be a challenge to capture a bright sky without losing detail in a landscape’s shad
MacLife1 min read
Where Shadows Slumber
$4.99 From Game Revenant, Made for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch Needs iOS 9.0 or later Where Shadows Slumber has obviously been influenced by Monument Valley, but although we’d usually see that as a negative, this title takes