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“Welcome to my yearlong health quest!”

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First things first: This isn’t a weight-loss column. Instead, you’ll be hearing about the pounds I can lift, not the ones I may lose. I’m happy with how I look—a statement I’d never

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Women's Health2 min read
For The Sunrise Seekers
These fall somewhere between a lipstick and a gloss, but one thing’s for sure: The poppy hues and hydrating feel make early wake-ups much more fun. Pat this brightening kiwi and soy formula over clean skin or mix a few drops into your moisturizer to
Women's Health1 min read
Booze Better
An occasional drink to help you chill out is okay, but if it’s your only stress-release valve, seek out healthier options (yoga!). Track your digestion, mood, sleep, skin, and focus on a daily basis, and your alcohol intake as well. The results may s
Women's Health1 min readSociety
Check Yo’ Self
At least once a month, scan your body in front of a mirror. Look for the ABCDE’s of melanoma—asymmetry, border, color, diameter, evolving—and any new or changing lesions (that bump that’s not going away). Don’t forget your calves; they’re the most co