how to have an All-Belly Pregnancy

No matter what your mother says, expecting a baby is not a hall pass to eat whatever you want, whenever you want. What you fuel your body with today has an effect on your child’s life tomorrow, and gaining a ton of weight is unhealthy for both of you: A study published in Obesity found that excessive weight gain early on in pregnancy directly affects your child’s birth weight and increases his or her likelihood of becoming obese as an adult. Though every pregnancy is different, the general recommendation for weight gain is 20 to 30 pounds for a healthy, active woman. Gain a bunch more than that and you’ll have to deal with stripping it back off once baby is born. Which, as anyone who has already had a kid can attest, is easier said than done.

Shooting for an all-belly pregnancy means you’ll look better, sleep better and feel better. You’ll be more comfortable throughout your journey with fewer aches and pains, and you’ll

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