OnePlus 6: The Android rebel phone grows up

With a new design and gorgeous screen, the OnePlus 6 is nearly impossible to pick out of a lineup among other 2018 premium phones. This superficial comparison doesn’t quite hold up when you really study the phone, but one thing is certain: OnePlus has finally graduated from maverick to mature.

While previous OnePlus phones felt like they were living at least a half-year in the past—even the fantastic 5T, which ditched the home button and added an 18:9 screen, didn’t feel like a completely fresh phone when it launched after every other premium handset last year—the OnePlus 6 is right at home in mid-2018. From the gorgeous display to the stunning design and wonderfully minimal OS, everything about the OnePlus 6 feels like it’s on the cutting edge. Except for the price.

As it was in the beginning with the OnePlus 1, the $529 OnePlus 6 costs about $300 less than similarly spec’d , , and

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