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Streets of London

By Mendo, teNeus, £45, 224 pages, hardback, ISBN 978-3961711178

As we've explored in previous book and exhibition reviews, London is a city that not only has something forpublication or show that brings together a set of photographers tasked with offering their own take on England's capital. We see this yet again in this book published by teNeus but compiled by Amsterdam's fashionable bookshop Mendo. While the book collects images by 40 contemporary photographers, this is still very much London as seen through the modernist and design-concerned filter of Mendo. The shots swing between glossy architecture and black & white images of sexy city workers strutting through shafts of sunlight and shadow. The world seen within the pages of the book doesn't quite make it past the central part of the city and reach the reality of its fringes but it is, nonetheless, a nice collection of photographs.

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