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A Sustainable Style

Wearing jewelry made of wood is an enduring strategy for standing out.
1. Verdura Maltese Cross cuff, $36,500 2. Verdura Curb-Link bracelet, $18,000 3. Verdura Caged ear clips, $7,500 4. Vhernier Camuration ring, $8,500 5. Vhernier Pirhouette ring, $45,300 6. K. Brunini Skipping Stones earrings, $9,700 7. K. Brunini medium Twig ring, $24,750 8. K. Brunini Twig cuff, $1,875 9. AnaKaterina Bitches Brew earrings, $13,270 10. AnaKaterina, Night in Tunisia ring, $8,310 11. Vhernier Doppio Senso bracelet, $5,500

Of late, women who have a taste for bold jewelry have turned to the high-low mix of precious gems and gold set in wood, leaving heavier metal pieces at home. It’s

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