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You have questions about the Perseid meteor shower. We have answers.

Shower your friends with meteor facts.
starry night sky above telescopes on hill

Perseids and Milky Way over the ESO's Very Large Telescope. If you'd like to take photographs like this one of the upcoming meteor shower, check out our tips here.

This weekend, if you head outside after sunset and it happens to be a clear night, look up. The sky will be putting on its annual production of the Perseids, and here at Popular Science we're answering all the questions you might have about the upcoming display. Let's dive right in.

What’s the difference between a meteor shower and a normal shower?

A shower is something in your home that you stand in and that pours water all over you whenever you need to be clean.

A meteor shower is something that happens when innumerable tiny remnants of comets and asteroids slam into the Earth’s atmosphere. The speeding lumps of dust and ice and rock are

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