The Money-Management Secrets of A 56-Year Union: "It's Always Been Ours"

Making it through 50 years of marriage is no easy feat--only 6% of married couples in the U.S. have been hitched for a half-century or more. Sadly, more than 40% of all marriages end in divorce. Reasons for this often include disagreements over money. Financial planner Ash Toumayants says that "money is trust, and relationships need to be built on trust." When couples feel disengaged from their finances, he says, it's common for relationships to fall apart.

Then there's Eddie and Sylvia Brown, married since 1962, still sharing horizons that are new to them, 56 years later. You might say they've only just begun--to contemplate retirement together. Their secret? No matter their net worth over the years, "we've never had the concept of his and hers," says

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