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Trump redefined what's possible in presidential politics; enter Michael Avenatti

GREENFIELD, N.H. - The hamburgers and hot dogs were all consumed by the time Michael Avenatti arrived and delivered what the Donald Trump-loathing crowd was hungering to hear.

"When you are the party of Davids, you cannot afford to show up without a sling shot," he told several hundred picnickers on a pleasantly breezy Sunday in rural southwestern New Hampshire.

"I believe we cannot be the party of turning the other cheek," Avenatti went on, pointedly differing with those - including, most prominently, former first lady Michelle Obama - who counsel grace in the face of enmity. "I say when they go low, we hit harder."

Avenatti, who soared to fame as legal counsel for porn star Stormy Daniels and, not incidentally, a ubiquitous tormentor of President Trump, brought his possible White House campaign to

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