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White House negotiation tactics may not pay off, America needs to consider civilian costs of coalition efforts in Yemen, The EU needs financial consumer protections, Why are tech companies in Korea summit?, It’s dangerous to give algorithms control

Haaretz / Tel AvivTrump administration’s hardball negotiation tactics may not pay off

“Trump’s [recent] redirection of U.S. policy [toward the Middle East] converges with the ongoing frustration of many Israelis that blind American financial support for the Palestinian Authority has severe repercussions...,” writes Peter Lerner. “But ... it’s an inadequate way of thinking in terms of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.... Palestinians [in the West

Iran Daily / Tehran, IranAmerica needs to re-examine the impact on civilians of coalition efforts in Yemen EU Observer / BrusselsThe EU needs stronger financial consumer protectionsThe Chosun Ilbo / Seoul, South KoreaWhy are cutting-edge tech companies involved in North-South Korea summit?The Guardian / LondonIt’s dangerous to cede too much authority to algorithms

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