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Brett Kavanaugh's Unprecedented Fox News Interview

Faced with sexual-assault allegations, the would-be justice has been more aggressive in fighting for his Supreme Court nomination than most of his predecessors.
Source: Chris Wattie / Reuters

With his Supreme Court nomination in the balance, Judge Brett Kavanaugh appeared on Fox News, alongside his wife, Ashley, in an aggressive interview Monday night.

Not that the questions were combative. Martha MacCallum asked straightforward, but never especially challenging, questions. And the answers Kavanaugh gave weren’t all that truculent. What was aggressive was Kavanaugh’s presence on Fox News in the heat of a nomination battle.

Kavanaugh mostly spoke in the bland cadences one would expect of a federal judge, though he occasionally seemed to get choked up in defending himself. He primarily stuck to talking points, reciting slight variations on the same phrases:

“I want a fair process where I can defend

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