Left Behind

works. You lag behind the crew, all heavy legs and labored breaths. Then—— your hiking partners halt to nosh trail mix and gulp water. But as you catch up, the uber-fit alpha at the front announces, “Let’s keep moving!” So-called friends fall into lockstep. Your oxygen-starved muscles revolt, and the gap widens once again. (Understandably,

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If you can find solitude here, you can find it anywhere. Great Smoky is the nation’s most crowded park, with more than 11 million visitors last year. But escaping the masses is easier than you’d think. The secret: a real-time online reservation syste
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17 Coastal Paradise
WHEN I ARRIVE at a small sign marking the entrance to False Cape, I’m already 5 miles into my trip. There’s no vehicle access to this state park—the only one of its kind in Virginia. In order to backpack through its loblolly pines and live oaks and c
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13 The Hiker’s Code Of Conduct
THE FIRST TIME I EVER stepped off a trail in Canyonlands National Park, Utah, my mother grabbed my hand and pulled me swiftly to her side so that no one else would see what I did. “It takes up to 250 years for the cryptobiotic soil to recover,” she s