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Suit Up for Safety
Two numbers that hardly match up: Helmets slash the risk for potentially fatal head and brain injuries by nearly 60 percent, yet only 18 percent of people wear one. We get it—the headgear isn’t exactly sexy or to-table. Until now! We’re crushing on t
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“Kicking My Comparison Complex”
Follow my journey on Insta @martatopran. Tap, scroll, tap, scroll. Zoom. There I was, stuck inside an Instagram hole of before/after pics of women who’d embarked on their own health journeys. She lost how much?! Although I’ve said from the start this
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DIY Science
For over a decade, Dana Lewis managed her type 1 diabetes with an under-the-skin glucose monitor. When it pinged to indicate her blood sugar was low, she pushed a button on her insulin pump to deliver more of the hormone. But the alarm wasn’t loud en