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1/The Buildup Buster

Micelles, tiny surfactants that are already cleansing MVPs in water, wipes, and face washes, work the same way in shampoo: They lift away excess oil and product buildup, while fortifying strands with panthenol. Pantene Pro-V Micellar Gentle

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Take Your (Downward) Dog Outside
Wanna refresh your yoga flow? Ditch the studio and step outdoors. “Every time you’re in nature, the atmosphere will be a little different, and that change of scenery can inspire you to try new or harder poses,” says Nicole Kazimer, founder of Hikyoga
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Sasheer Zamata
“I’m always learning that there are new ways to write, to edit, to create, to perform—even while onstage. You have to stay open to the process and to the people in front of you. Their reception is changing as is my delivery, so I need to analyze why
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Eat It to Beat It
If you let your period dictate your diet (ahem, chips and chocolate for lunch), it’s time to do the opposite—as in, eat your way to fewer cramps and mood swings. Heard of seed syncing? It’s a nutritionist-approved plan in which you consume certain se