DOWNEAST CHARM complements an upturned peak only 3 feet 2 inches, the Hylas M44 is a cruise-anywhere craft. ¶ The M44 is built at Hylas’ Queen Long Marine yard in Taiwan, a well-known sailboat builder. It’s applying the same level of craftsmanship overhang shades most of the cockpit, and to its relatively new powerboat

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The Auction Option
JASON DUNBAR WAS LOSING SLEEP. His friend owned the 106-foot Broward Altitude Adjustment II and wanted Dunbar, a broker with Luke Brown Yachts, to sell it. Dunbar knew the statistics on Browards: One sells, on average, every 66 days in America. Other
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Proof Of concept
A YACHT’S ARRIVAL IN THE CARIBBEAN FROM THE MED IN TIME TO CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR’S EVE IS NOTHING UNUSUAL. It is uncommon, though, for a yacht to do so on her own bottom, rather than aboard a transport ship. It’s even more unusual when tha
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Bottle Rocket
38'1" LENGTH OVERALL 12'6" MAXIMUM BEAM Just before this year’s boat shows in Miami, I had the chance to run the Tiara Sport 38 LS, part of a new series of outboard-powered vessels from the Michigan boatbuilder. The weather was blustery with spatteri