I SMELLED SOMETHING BURNING. SOMETHING ELECTRICAL. A nanosecond later, the new 41-foot convertible’s starboard diesel shut down. The port motor switched into get-home mode. We were making about 6 knots. The power-assist, hydraulic steering was gone. Alarms blared.

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Docking Disruptor
AN UNFAMILIAR DOCK, acrosswind, some current and a bevy onlookers. Sound stressful? ¶ Raymarine’s DockSense assisted-docking technology is poised to reduce this headache—significantly—using sensors, machine vision and deep machine learning to constan
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Easy Going
THE FIRST TIME I visited Oxford, Maryland, in 2004, I wrote that the place was like “a fly trapped in amber with a fistful of sawdust.” Walking through the town’s streets felt like strolling through some of the coolest pages in the history of boatbui
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Attitude Adjuster
THE CRUISERS 46 CANTIUS MAY NOT BE THE BIGGEST CANTIUS MODEL THAT THE WISCONSIN SHIPYARD PRODUCES, but she’s full of surprises, sharing enough attributes with her bigger sisters—including the 60-foot Cantius flagship—that she’s able to deliver relaxa