LOA 78'5"

MAX BEAM 19'6"

AKOYA PEARLS ARE prize stones, cultured in salt water and known for their brilliant off white color, pink overtones and near-perfect spherical shape. An akoya is ideally engineered to thrive

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Easy Going
THE FIRST TIME I visited Oxford, Maryland, in 2004, I wrote that the place was like “a fly trapped in amber with a fistful of sawdust.” Walking through the town’s streets felt like strolling through some of the coolest pages in the history of boatbui
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Docking Disruptor
AN UNFAMILIAR DOCK, acrosswind, some current and a bevy onlookers. Sound stressful? ¶ Raymarine’s DockSense assisted-docking technology is poised to reduce this headache—significantly—using sensors, machine vision and deep machine learning to constan
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Fisherman’s Fancy
It’s been more than a decade since Hatteras Yachts launched its GT line, lending new style to the North Carolina builder’s long-respected ability to construct fishing battlewagons. Today, the GT range includes open and flybridge models from 45 to 70