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Take A Chance
It was an unusual scenario for the end of May. A warm-core eddy had spun out from the Gulf Stream, off the Northeast. Where there is an eddy, there’s usually good fishing. The rotating, bathlike water was coming closer, hovering about 100 or so nauti
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Day Boat Dreaming
32'6" LENGTH OVERALL 10'4" MAXIMUM BEAM A VIARA BOATS IS A new brand of luxury dayboats from MasterCraft. Its first launch is the Aviara 32. The vessel’s look is Euro-inspired, with a straight-edge sheerline, aggressively raked windshield and open la
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Back To Business
61'1" LENGTH OVERALL 18'3" MAXIMUM BEAM AFTER GRUPPO GAVIO purchased Bertram in 2015, most who followed the iconic fishing-boat brand sensed that good things were coming. The introduction of the classically inspired Bertram 35 at the 2016 Newport Int