History of War


The war was a mixed affair for the USA. Although there were famous land victories, such as the battles of the Thames and New Orleans, their importance was inflated to compensate for the defeats the US Army suffered at the hands of the British. Repeated attempts to conquer Canada failed, and Washington, DC itself was occupied and burned. For a nation that had successfully thrown off British rule only a generation before, the inability of the

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History of War13 min read
Wwii’s Greatest Escape From The Greatest Raid Of All
On paper, they didn’t stand a chance. One hundred raiders, only 20 of whom were official Allied troops, were to assault a supposedly impregnable German Army headquarters, deep behind enemy lines. Several hundred soldiers armed with MG 42 Spandau mach
History of War4 min read
In The Ranks
The Latin American wars of independence took place between 1810 and 1825. With the Spanish Empire weakened by Napoleon’s quest to dominate Europe, the colonies of Venezuela and Nueva Granada were seized by juntas led by idealistic young men. Foremost
History of War3 min read
Battle Of Carabobo
Always rising from defeat stronger than before, Simon Bolívar managed to gather an army large enough to march on Caracas, the capital of his homeland. In 1816 he was driven from the city by the Spanish and forced to plead for help wherever he could.