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Cecil Beaton


Throughout his career, Cecil Beaton photographed some of the most notable figures in 20th-century culture. His extravagant and masterful portraiture work was groundbreaking, and to this day its influence is still felt in the pages of fashion photography publications such as , a magazine with which he had a long

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It’s hard to think of anything that has characterised the past decade in photography more than the rise of the mirrorless camera. What essentially began as a compact alternative to Four Thirds DSLRs has flourished into a raft of different systems, sp
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The world’s first mirrorless camera of its kind, the G1 celebrated its tenth birthday late last year. It arrived with a fresh 12.1MP Four Thirds sensor and a new lens mount, although it also maintained compatibility with existing Four Thirds lenses t
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Bluetooth Connectivity
TO ACTIVATE the X-T30's Bluetooth connectivity you first need to enter the connection settings via the main menu, select ‘Bluetooth settings' and then click on ‘pairing registration'. From here you'll be prompted to load Fujifilm's camera remote app