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Amateur Photographer7 min read
I Can Z For Miles
We live in an age of promiscuity, but I am having none of it. I'm talking about camera-system swapping, of course, as the remorseless rise of keenly priced mirrorless models persuades more and more photographers to trade in their DSLRs, or sees exist
Amateur Photographer3 min read
What The Owners Think
‘Like so many, the main reason I moved to the Micro Four Thirds system was for the size and weight benefits. Over the years I've learnt the weight of my bag has a big role to play, especially when I usually end up carrying it for hours at a time with
Amateur Photographer2 min read
Six Things You Can Do With Layers
One of the simplest ways to blend two layers is to lower the opacity of the top layer so that the layer below partially shows through. We do this by adjusting the layer opacity at the top of the Layers Panel. The opacity slider is also very useful fo