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Heart disease continues to be America's leading killer, but unless it strikes close to home, most of us probably don't think about it too much. At the same time, there’s some good news: Deaths from the most common form, plaque build-up (aka coronary artery disease), have been decreasing in the last decade. But there’s a lot more we can do to protect ourselves. Perhaps surprisingly, some of the biggest heart-healthy benefits come from these simple lifestyle changes and heart-smart supplements.

Get More Oxygen

It’s no secret that smoking, high blood pressure, unhealthy cholesterol, and diabetes increase the odds of heart disease, but the American Heart Association has concluded that there’s “a potentially stronger predictor.” Called “cardiorespiratory fitness,” it’s all about our ability to use oxygen.

When we breathe air into our lungs, oxygen gets absorbed into blood, transported to the heart, and pumped through arteries to various organs and muscles. How well that process works, and how efficiently the muscles absorb and use oxygen, determines our cardiorespiratory fitness. Exercise that makes the heart pump harder is the chief way to

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