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Yes, surfing is the hottest tow sport of the moment, but if there’s one complaint we hear, it’s about the high cost of entry—dedicated surf boats regularly cost six figures. With its MDX 201 IO Surf, Starcraft is looking to lower the pay it takes to
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Shaun Murray, Professional Wakeboarder
What boat and board did you learn to wakeboard on? I’m not sure of the year, but it was a TriHull Galaxy. If you search a little ways back in my Instagram feed, you can see me sitting in it. My first board was the Skurfer Rage 1988. You’ve put out 23
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Tow The Line
The serious tow-sports boats have dedicated GPS speed-control systems, such as Zero Off or Perfect Pass, as well as other digitally controlled systems that basically let the driver set the boat on autopilot. But what about the rest of us with runabou