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Being a health and nutrition correspondent means that companies frequently send me their products, and ask for my stamp of approval. Most of the time I dive into research, give the product a try, and send the company honest feedback about what they’ll need to change before I’ll recommend it. Plus my hectic job and my determination to stay fit means I’m always hunting for a quick

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Clean Eating6 min readFood & Wine
Sun’s Up, FUEL UP!
with Sunny Eggs & Tomato Salsa P Q GF SERVES 4. HANDS-ON TIME: 30 MINUTES. TOTAL TIME: 30 MINUTES. This protein-rich skillet breakfast is both fast enough for weekday mornings and hearty enough for houseguests. Here, we used plain turkey sausages, bu
Clean Eating1 min readNutrition
With so many approaches to eating well these days, like Paleo, vegetarian, keto, flexitarian or simply a well-rounded clean diet, what dietary plan makes you feel, think and look your best? Don’t follow the hype — do what works for you. For 8 days, w
Clean Eating2 min read
The Pillars Of A High-energy Plan
FOCUS ON HYDRATION: Water plays a role in almost every bodily function. It helps with digestion, hormone production, enzyme production, blood circulation and elimination of waste and toxins. It also largely makes up all your bodily fluids including b