Yo-yo no more

played basketball knows you burn a ton of calories running up and down that court — but not enough to warrant gorging on a gallon of ice cream afterward. Yet that was the norm for Sara-Jane McShane, who also played softball and danced throughout her teenage years. While her

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Not Taking Herself For Grant-ed
Sarah Grant grew up poor, but once she got her first job, she quickly discovered the joys of a disposable income — and decadent food. Grant became a fine-dining foodie who reveled in eating for pleasure and didn’t really notice that a few extra pound
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Highway Maintenance Ahead
In fitness, muscles tend to get all the glory. Not surprising, considering we’re visual creatures, and besides, a well-defined hamstring tie-in looks darn good. But if you want to understand how to move more efficiently, prevent injuries and get stro
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Get An Iron-clad Core
Think you’ve got core chops? Before you brag about your planking prowess, try this workout that uses only a Valslide and your bodyweight. “A Valslide helps you focus on control, core stability and range of motion, and it allows you to gain strength w