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n you’re in, or even how often you hit the gym, there will be days when you feel like you just can’t push anymore — the weights feel really heavy, you can’t get into the groove or you’re just plain hurting. Hey, it happens. But how should you handle it? Give in and try again tomorrow,

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Mobility In Motion
Tight hip flexors can neurologically weaken your glute complex, robbing you of the ability to fully extend your hips and cash in on complete gluteal activation. This means all that hard work you’re doing in the gym — lunging, squatting and deadliftin
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Push-up Prowess
The push-up is arguably the simplest exercise for developing the upper body and core, and because it uses a portion of your own bodyweight, it is quintessentially a functional training movement. The standard push-up can be overplayed, however, but in
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Q+A With Coach Amber
Do you have any pets? We have three dogs — two Chihuahua mixes named Doug and Randi, and a blue-nose pit bull named Rambo. What is on your fitness bucket list? A freaking pistol squat! I can’t do those worth a darn. Also creating powerful female-base