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Control colour and contrast

James is a professional photographer. He’s an advanced Photoshop user and has created hundreds of tutorials.

When was the last time you watched a movie and the colours and tones looked just the way they do in real life? When was the last time you looked

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Robin Friend
Published in 2018, Robin Friend’s bookBastard Countryside collects 15 years worth of exploration of the British landscape, dwelling on what Victor Hugo called the ‘bastard countryside’: “somewhat ugly but bizarre, made up of two different natures”. R
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How would you define “street photography?” While the term is widely used, there is in fact no clear, single and absolute definition of what it constitutes. The term “street” is ambiguous. While it often evokes images of photographers pacing the pavem
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Master The Split Toning Panel
Sometimes a straightforward black-and-white conversion can leave you wanting more. So why not try a split-tone effect? This is very easy with Camera Raw and Lightroom’s dedicated Split Toning panel. Simple options allow you to add separate colours to