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This is particularly true when it comes to my photography. I like to perceive what surrounds me through the filter of my imagination. I am amazed by the limitless inspiration that the world can offer, but what seduces me is the possibility of transforming it. Through photography and digital editing, I aim to

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Digital Camera World2 min read
Look Vapour You Leap
Sports photographer Mark Roe is used to capturing subjects in motion. Here, though, he wanted a series that was slightly different from the usual sequence shot – pro flash froze the action, but a modelling light produced colourful trails across the f
Digital Camera World2 min read
A Moment Of Prayer
Our reader Jimmy Elsdon My photo was taken on a recent holiday to India. The location was a mosque in Delhi, and as we were walking around the area we came across a man doing his prayers. I thought the scene portrayed a private tranquil situation, an
Digital Camera World3 min read
Black-and-white Magic
Sean McCormack is a photographer and writer, based in Ireland. He’s the author of The Indispensable Guide to Lightroom CC. Colourless is how photography started. And even today, when you want to get to the essence of a photo, remove colour to leave o